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Jason Ford

March 20, 1973 ~ July 27, 2017 (age 44)

Mr. Jason Ford of North Battleford, Sask passed away suddenly on Thursday, July 27 at the Battleford's Union Hospital at the age of 44 years. There will be a casual come and go Celebration for Jason Ford (Willie) on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 from 2pm to 6pm at 1595-95th St., North Battleford, Sask (parking available at EMBM school). We welcome anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Jason to join us in celebrating his life. Memorial donations in memory of Jason may be directed to the BUH Foundation, 1092-107th St., North Battleford, Sask, S9A-1Z1.

To our precious first born child Jason:

We are so grateful to have had him in our lives for 44 amazing years. From the day he arrived the precious memories started and there were many! All those years we got to have him will never be forgotten. He was an amazing human being with a heart of gold. He was a very sensitive guy who appeared tough on the outside but really was a great big teddy bear. Being the first born, from a very young age he took on the role as protector for our family and that never stopped.  He was all about his family and loved each and every one of us. I recall when I was expecting our daughter Brandi, he was 7 years old, Brad worked out of town and he came to me with a pencil and paper and asked for some family member’s phone numbers. I asked him why and he said, “So I can call them when you’re ready to have the baby.”  So I gave him the numbers, which he carried around in the pockets of his pants for days and never lost that paper. Then a few days later he said, “I can just drive you to the hospital mom.” When I had the baby blues he went and asked a neighbour lady that I didn’t even know to come and have coffee with his mom because all she can’t stop crying. This is the guy he was, always wanting to help in every way he thought he could – buying lemonade from small children or helping a senior get home safely.

His love for his beautiful daughters of course was endless.  His love for his nieces and nephews came in different ways. He enjoyed teaching them a few swear words and would laugh his head off when they would use them.  The swears became very common as he loved to let the F-bombs fly! He had a desire to cook and loved and enjoyed his food.  Jason was a very smart man with many, many interests like building airplanes and computers, plants, fish, baking, music and the list goes on.  We are so proud and tell everyone that he built our computer. When Brad got his laptop Jason had it all set up with everything it needed.  As time passed he would get frustrated with his dad cause he was always asking for help and would click on things he shouldn’t so he tagged him with the nickname “Clicker.”

Jason had a love for flowers and plants and the backyard was his favorite place to sit and relax. He loved the backyard and loved to spend evenings by the fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and enjoying a cold beer.  Late at night we would have a smoke and watch the stars in hopes of catching sight of the Northern Lights.  Jason, you were a clever, kind soul and there will always be an emptiness in our hearts.

Love you Son...until we meet again





Us girls were his pride and joy in life and he loved the time he spent with us, taking Aliyah to the park and for bike rides to pick up Mikaela from school. Aliyah always seemed to get herself stuck in some crazy places and dad would shake his head and try his best to figure out how she got there and how to get her out. He cherished the times that Mikaela and him went out for supper just the two of them and the nights that he and Aliyah would spend snuggling and watching scary movies.

Our dad always seemed like the tough guy, like when he would sit on the deck with his sleeves rolled up and a mean face on when a boy was coming around, but he was really the sweetest person we knew. He would paint our fingernails and put us in front of the heater to dry them. He would get on the floor and play Barbies with us but we had to have contests to see who could fart on the other Barbie’s head more. Whenever one of us would get hurt at home with him he would always tell us not to tell mom.  As we got older, we always stayed close and spent time with him. Even trips to the grocery store were adventures where he would spend hours reading lettuce bags or hitting Aliyah over the head with some bread.  He was there for all of our dance recitals and spent hours on the phone with Aliyah talking her through her first heartbreak.  He loved watching movies and would watch Hulk movies and wrestle with Aliyah when she was young. When Mikaela was older and lived with him he would beg her to stay home or stay up late and watch movies with him.

His hands were as big as his heart and when we were little we could only ever hold onto his pinky.  We have so many cherished memories with our dad and we will miss him so much.

Love you always and forever Dad XOXO


What a sudden, tough loss of a brother, countless memories of time spent together. I was lucky enough to have 43 years with my ‘BIG’ Brother.

             I always looked up to him as a role model and looked for him when I was in trouble. He was always willing to pick me up when I was down. Drop whatever may have been happening in his life.

My Brother always portrayed the ‘BIG’ mean dude but was a teddy bear inside and had a heart of gold to help whoever asked to the best of his ability.

Jason and I decided one night to stay out late, a little too late and we were buggered as far as getting into the house to our beds without our mother catching us. Of course the door was locked and we did not have our keys. We came up with a brilliant plan to go through the kitchen window and of course I was the ‘smallest’ so I was the one to go. Well when I was about half way through the window our mother come around the corner and we were caught.      But instead of just surrendering we came up with the story that we were just coming back from breakfast. None the less our bases were not covered and our beds had not been slept in. We were caught. This is only one story of so many.

Jaxon said that when his Uncle was at his house he would ask him to play and sometimes he would say no but when he said yes Jaxon would be so happy and clapping his hands together excited.

I will miss my brother deeply and listening to him cuss out everything and everybody he thought had done wrong. One of our most recent conversations was strangely about death and he stated he would not want people to be sad for him but to be happy for knowing him and the time we had with him.



T o anyone that knew my brother Jason he was such a kind hearted soul , a little gruff on the outside and would curse like a trucker but always had a heart of gold.  He was a family man to the core and he would do anything to help anyone he cared for. I remember needing a babysitter for Hudson one day and he was eager to help, telling me “that’s just what family does.” He and Hudson had a special bond and they spent so much time downstairs doing full belly laughs at whatever video they were watching on the computer or playing games (for which they always had to find the cheats) and watching movies complete with snacks from 7-11. Hudson will miss the rides in Uncle’s truck with the music blasting and the curse words flying from both of them because Uncle Jason taught him way too many of those words!  He will even miss his relentless teasing about the Montreal Canadiens. 

Jason was always my “biggest brother” and I knew I could go to him if I ever needed anything.  I remember staying up all hours of the night with him playing the original Super Mario Bros on Nintendo until we wrapped it! He was so smart and would spend hours researching any question I had to give me the best answer. He loved to cook and made the best soup around and he loved our dog Buddy and the hugs he gave him. I am so thankful that he was in Hudson’s life for the time that he was because he was always there for him too and loved him like his own. Jason always lived life on his own terms. We loved him so much and our time with him was much too short. We are going to miss his presence every single day. 

We love you Uncle Jason!


If you knew Jason Ford you would never forget him. He was larger than life and had more personality in his little finger than most people had in their whole body and I have never met anyone like him! He simply dazzled me. He taught me to not take myself too seriously and worry what people thought of me. He had no time for arrogance and laughed at those who thought they were better. He changed my life irrevocably as he showed me that it is ok to be yourself and no-one can make you feel bad about yourself unless you let them.
Jason was one of the hardest worker I have ever seen. He took pride in doing a job well, he never cut corners or suffered fools gladly. He worked in impossible conditions with inhuman hours and with little sleep - but if someone needed help he had limitless patience. He could be trusted to do jobs most men would collapse under. He had confidence in his own abilities through experience and could drive anything, run any piece of equipment and be trusted to be responsible and maintain it. 
If Jason was going to do something he did it 100% he was meticulous, organized and a perfectionist in all he did. His attitude was that there was no point in doing something if you did not do it well. He was a man of scrupulous morals and despised corruption and challenged injustice where he saw it. He was a natural leader as he treated everyone equally and was a good judge of character. He was someone you would want on your side.
Jason loved to come home to his family most of all. He loved to cook for everyone and sacrificed many a lad’s nights to spend time with his girls instead. He was so proud of them and loved to tell me how well they were doing and what they had achieved. More than anything he wanted them to be happy.
Jason was, is and always will be the great love of my life. To know Jason was to love him.
I will always regret that we did not get our happily ever after but I feel honored and so very lucky to have had a man such as Jason Ford in my life. 

Anna Nash


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